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Hoshi no Samidare

Other name: Hoshi no Samidare


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Sir Noi Crezant, a talking lizard, approaches college student Yuuhi Amamiya one day. Crezant instantly starts into a fantasy tale: the strong mage Animus plans to destroy the Earth with his biscuit hammer, a massive device hovering high in Earth's orbit. The princess and her Beast Knights are Earth's only hope, and their mission is to protect the princess and kill Animus. Yuuhi is chosen as the Lizard Beast Knight, and despite his reservations, he is soon obliged to defend himself against a golem constructed by the mage. He is saved by his next-door neighbor, Princess Asahina Samidare, and vows allegiance to her. However, the princess has no intention of saving the world. She reveals her true objectives to Yuuhi: to prevent

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