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Ni no Kuni

Other name: Ni no Kuni


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Yuu, Haru, and Kotona, best friends, have a peaceful high school existence together. However, one day, a suspicious guy chases and stabs Kotona, causing a disaster that Yuu and Haru are unable to avoid. The two guys are nearly struck by a truck while bringing the girl to the hospital, but luckily escape unscathed. Instead, they find themselves in a fairy-tale-like country full with strange people and fantastic creatures. The guys are surprised to learn that Yuu, who has been bound to a wheelchair since infancy, can suddenly walk! They don't have time to think about the perplexing scenario because their companion has left. Yuu and Haru are on their way to find Kotona when they stop at a small tavern to enquire about her. 

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