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Nozo x Kimi

Other name: Nozo x Kimi


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Suga Kimio is forced to hide in the girls' locker room as his school's female students swarm in, and he is unable to move or get out of the predicament. He had no ulterior goals at first, but as he heard the females enter, he became anxious and hid in a locker. One of the reserved females in his class, Komine Nozomi, discovers him but surprisingly stands up for him. Kimio returns home puzzled but happy. Later that evening, he receives a text message from Nozomi, who just so happens to reside across the hall on the same floor of the apartment building as him. When she contacts him, she uses blackmail to pressure him into consenting to expose each other's bodies. Kimio must abide by Nozomi's unreasonable requests or risk having his school destroyed.

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