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Oshi no Ko

Other name: Oshi no Ko


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Ai Hoshino, a skilled and gorgeous idol who is loved by her followers, is sixteen years old. She embodies the ideal of a youthful, virginal girl. But not everything that glitters is gold. Ai is greatly admired by Gorou Amemiya, a gynecologist in the countryside. He is therefore completely perplexed when the pregnant idol shows up at his hospital. She is guaranteed a safe birth by Gorou. He had no idea that a chance encounter with an enigmatic individual would lead to his untimely demise—or so he believed. Gorou discovers that he has been resurrected as Aquamarine Hoshino—Ai's infant son—when he opens his eyes in the lap of his cherished idol! Gorou soon discovers that the entertainment industry is filled with thorns and that talent doesn't always translate into success after having his world flipped upside down not always lead to achievement. With the aid of an odd and unexpected ally, will he be able to preserve the smile that he loves so much on Ai?

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